3 Simple ways to Buy Ethereum in India Legally


Buy Ethereum in India: We all know that Ethereum is pacing up rapidly, hence everyone wants to know how they can buy Ethereum in India. Do you also want to know about the same? Are you looking for some wallet or exchange to buy Ethereum in India. If yes, then you are at the best place for that.

Since Bitcoins are really very costly now, around 2 Lakh each, it is very difficult to Buy Bitcoins in India. Hence, A lot of people have started looking for Bitcoin alternatives. The best alternative of Bitcoin that comes into my mind is Ethereum.

buy Ethereum in India

So, Here in this article I will tell you all the best and possible ways to Buy Ethereum in India.

But Lets us have a quick look on Ethereum first.

Buy Ethereum in India


Ethexindia is one of the oldest and most reputed exchange to Buy or sell Ethereum in India. If you want to buy Ether in India, the one stop destination for you.

Buy Ethereum through Ethexindia

  1. Visit Ethexinda.com
  2. Signup as a New Userethexindia signup
  3. Now Verify your Mobile Number & EmailEhtexindia verify number
  4. Now Sign in with your Email Id, Client ID.
  5. You need to click on Generate Dynamic Access Code to get the Code via SMS/Email. Ehtexindia signin
  6. Just Fill the Online KYC Form.
  7. Once done, You can Transfer the Money to Ethexindia and they will add the required credits in your account through which you can Purchase Ethereum.
  8. You can also store your Ethereum in your account without any extra charges.

This is one of the easiest ways to buy Ethereum in India.

Buy on Ethexindia

Buy Ethereum via Coinbase in India

Coinbase is one of the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin wallet/Exchange in the world. Recently, Coinbase started Buying and selling of Ethereum aswell.

Buy Ethereum through Coinbase in India does not require much hustle and is pretty easy. Let’s have a quick look at how you can buy ethereum from Coinbase.

  1. Visit Coinbase & Signup
  2. Add your Credit Card or Transfer through Bank account
  3. Click on Buy Ethereum and Enter the Amount
  4. That’s It! You will soon receive your Ethereum in your wallet.

Let me add that, a fees of 1.49%-3.99% will be levied when you buy or sell bitcoins. It depends upon your payment method in which Credit cards have a higher fee than wire transfers.

Easiest for BeginnersSupport takes time
High Trust FactorNot available worldwide
Good Buying Limits

Buy on Coinbase

Buying Ethereum through CEX.io

Similar to Ethexindia, CEX.io is also an Exchange which recently started dealing in Ethereum Trading. Since this is a worldwide exchange, You can easily buy Ethereum just by adding your Credit card.

  1. Register a New Account on CEX.iocex.io register
  2. Use your Credit Card or Bank account as Payment Mode (Credit card or bank account)
  3. Go to “Buy/Sell” and Select Ethereum
  4. Enter the Amount of Ethereum you wish to Buy
  5. Now, Click on “Buy Ethereum

That’s it! Soon, you Ethereum will reflect in your account.

Moreover, You can also sell these Ethereum at a higher rate and make some profit by interday trading. Also, The price of Ethereum might seem higher than other exchanges as the price includes fees of the exchange.

Let’s Say, If the price of 1 ETH on Coinbase is Rs.1200 while on CEX.io it’s Rs.1300, that because the fees is already included.

High Buying LimitsHigh Transaction Fees
Good ReputationNot available Worldwide

Buy on Cex.io

I hope by now you must have understood, How to Buy Ethereum in India. Moreover, I will keep this post updated with new Ethereum Wallet and Exchanges that you can easily use in India.

Buy Ethereum in India
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