6 Best Bitcoin Debit Card: Review and Comparison for 2018

Over the period of last 1 year, the acceptance of Bitcoin among investors has increased tremendously.

People are now willing to spend their Bitcoins on utilities and products. Though a few store and companies accept Bitcoin, it is still not easy to find merchants who accept Bitcoins.

It’s great if you find a place to directly spend your BTC otherwise, you need to sell it on an exchange, get the fiat currency in your bank account and then spend it.

But there are a few startups who figured out this gap in the market and are working towards solving this problem by introducing ‘Bitcoin Debit Card‘.

Confused? Don’t be.

Bitcoin Debit Cards allows us to spend your Bitcoins instantly anywhere we wish to.

First of all, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of these cards.

How Bitcoin Debit Card Works?

Let’s say you wish to purchase something with your Bitcoins but the merchant accepts only fiat currency(Cards/Cash) or you are out of fiat currency but you got some Bitcoin. Under this circumstance, comes the role of Bitcoin Debit Cards.

You need to deposit Bitcoins in a ‘Bitcoin Wallet’ and in return, you will get a debit card of the similar value, which you can use to purchase good and services.

I hope you must have understood the basic working of these Debit cards. It’s just like our normal debit cards instead of fiat currency, we are depositing Bitcoins.

Since, There are various Bitcoin Debit Cards, I will review and compare them so that you can select the best as per your requirements.

Best Bitcoin Debit Card

I had used BTC debit card only once but I did a complete research, compared them on various factors and then selected one for myself.

According to me, before selecting a Bitcoin Debit card you must evaluate it on various factors like :

  • It should support various fiat currencies like USD, EUR, CYN etc
  • If it has a Mobile app for instant deposits etc?
  • If it requires verification or not?
  • If you get a Virtual Card or not?
  • If you get a Physical Card or not?
  • The type of card that you would get (Visa/Master)?
  • Fees and other charges?
  • If the company has a good background and funding?
  • If they serve in your country?

Without any further ado! Let’s get started!

Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card

cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card

Founded in 2013, Cryptopay has acquired a huge user base within a very short span of time.

Cryptopay provides both virtual as well as physical Debit cards. The physical card cost $15 for issuance and gets delivered for Free within 3-8 days.

It does not require any Government ID verification, it requires an email id verification though. So, If you wish to be anonymous with the transaction, this is a great way to do that.

You will get a Visa Debit card and it would be accepted worldwide(anywhere Visa cards are accepted).

Currency Supported USD, EUR, GBP
Verification Required No
Mobile App Yes
Virtual Card Yes
Plastic Card Yes
Issuance Cost $15

Get Your Cryptopay Card Now  

Bitpay Bitcoin Debit Card

bitpay bitcoin debit card

Bitpay is a very well known company which provides Bitcoin Debit Cards at very low fees.

This card was initially available for US residents only but now it is available for Non-US residents also. It can be used online, offline as well as like an ATM card, though a 2-3% charge is levied on the transaction.

They charge a one time fee of $9.95 to issue the card along with $5/month as a Maintainance fees.

Verification depends upon the country you live in, you can check complete verification details here. Bitpay has a limit of $25000 which is the highest among all the BTC debit cards.

Currency Supported USD
Verification Required Yes
Mobile App Yes
Virtual Card Yes
Plastic Card Yes
Issuance Cost $9.95

Get Your Bitpay Card Now  

Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Wirex bitcoin debit cards

Wirex is a reputed company which provides Virtual as well as physical Bitcoin Debit Card.

It was previously known as E-coins and was rebranded to ‘Wirex‘ in 2016.

You need to complete the verification process inorder to get the card. Once verified, you can load your card using their Mobile app or website.

You will get a Chip & Pin card which is obviously better than other cards, but the issuance cost is also higher i.e. $17.

Currency Supported USD, EUR, GBP
Verification Required No
Mobile App Yes
Virtual Card Yes
Plastic Card Yes
Issuance Cost $17

Get Your Wirex Card Now  

Xapo Bitcoin Debit Card Review

xapo bitcoin debit card

Xapo is one of the first and the oldest companies who got into Bitcoin Debit card business in 2012. They are really famous for their services and has backed $40 Million in funding.

They provide virtual as well as physical cards that cost $20 and an annual fee of $12/year to be paid after the first year.

Though Xapo cards are a bit costlier than its competitors, you get free service for the first year which makes it a good deal.

Xapo ships their cards to almost every country in the world, you can, however, check the complete list here.

Another good thing is that you can signup on Xapo through their app and you do not need to do any extensive verification to get your Xapo Bitcoin Debit card.

Currency Supported USD, EUR, GBP
Verification Required No
Mobile App Yes
Virtual Card Yes
Plastic Card Yes
Issuance Cost $20

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Bitwala Bitcoin Debit Card Review

bitwala debit card

Bitwala.com is a new contender in this industry but had acquired a large share of users in UK and France.

They provide the most affordable Bitcoin Debit card amongst all. The virtual card costs € 2.00 while the physical card cost € 8.00.

Also there two different shipping plans:

  • Free of cost – Card arrives in 7-10 days after purchase, no tracking information
  • €69.00 – Express shipping which includes full tracking and card arrives within 3-5 days after purchase.
Currency Supported EUR
Verification Required Yes
Mobile App Yes
Virtual Card Yes
Plastic Card Yes
Issuance Cost €2

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Shift Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Shift Bitcoin Debit Card

Shift was the first company to introduce BTC debit cards into the US market.

The Debit card is connected to the Coinbase account, hence the card limits depend upon your Cionbase account limits.

They provide Debit cards only to U.S. residents in 45 states out of 50 states.

Shift has a very minimal issuance charge of $10 and there is no maintenance fee, which is surely a great thing.

Keep this as your last option, as recently I had heard some negative reviews about their service.

Currency Supported USD
Verification Required No
Mobile App Yes
Virtual Card Yes
Plastic Card Yes
Issuance Cost $10

Get Your Shift Card Now  

Which Bitcoin Debit Card your should Choose?

Many new companies are coming up with their lucrative offerings but you must select which suits you the best.

You must surely take Issuance charges, Maintenance charges etc into consideration before selecting a Bitcoin Debit Card for yourself.

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And we would like to hear your experiences with BTC debit cards if you have any.

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