Best Bitcoin Exchange for 2018 | New Exchanges Added

Are you a beginner in Bitcoin? Do want to make some money by Trading Cryptocurrencies? Are you looking for the Best Bitcoin Exchange? Do you want to buy Bitcoin through cryptocurrency exchanges? If you have all these questions in your mind, then you are at the most appropriate place.

With Bitcoin gaining momentum, alot of people want to explore the enormous potential to make money through Bitcoins. Even you can make a good amount of money by trading various volatile cryptocurrencies.

But before you start trading, you need to select the best and reliable Bitcoin Exchange so that your money is safe & secure at the same time. I know how difficult it is for a non-technical person to get into all these technical specs because even I’m one of those.

Selecting a Cryptocurrency exchange could be hectic at times as there are alot of them online.

One must have to check an exchange on various factors like:

  • Trust – The Exchange should be old and reliable
  • Security – It should have high security because your money will be stored in it
  • Exchange Rates – Exchange Rates shall be low
  • Payment Modes – It should have desired Modes of Payment
  • User Base – Large user base is required for instant trading(Buy/Sell)
  • Countries Supported – It should be available in your country
  • Ease of Use – If you are a Beginner then ease of use shall be a key factor

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So, Without any further ado, let hop onto the handpicked list of all the Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin exchange.

Best Bitcoin Exchange 2017

Here are the Best Bitcoin Exchanges:

Bitcoin ExchangeReputationPayment Mode
PoloniexHighBTC & Altcoins
CEX.IOAverageCredit/Debit, Wire, AstroPay
BitstampHighCredit/Debit, Wire, Ripple, AstroPay
BittrexHighBTC & Altcoins
BitfinexAverageWire, BTC & Altcoins
GeminiAverageUSD, BTC & ETH

Now, Let’s have a look at features, pro and cons of each cryptocurrency exchange.

Poloniex BTC Exchange Review

Poloniex is one of the Top Cryptocurrency Exchange in the world and even I use it most of the times. The volume and active user base of this exchange is far more than what we generally get to see on other exchanges.

As a result of the huge user base, you will generally get the lowest price of Bitcoins and altcoins lower than average. Thus, it will surely save you a few bucks.

poloniex exchange

Being a fairly old player in the market, Polo has established a good reputation and trust among Bitcoin enthusiasts. Poloniex has almost every cryptocurrency available in the market, thus giving us a great chance to make huge profits.

Poloniex is fast, secure and simple for a beginner. It shows various price graphs and candlestick graphs through which you can analyze the coin easily.Poloniex deposit funds


  • User Friendly
  • High Volume Trade
  • Secure


  • You can only use Cryptocurrencies to Deposit the funds

CEX.IO BTC Exchange Review is another reputable Bitcoin Exchange which started in 2013 from London.

The best part about CEX.IO is that you can use fiat currencies to deposit your funds. You can simply use your Credit/Debit card, Wire transfer or Astopay. Since it generally facilitates the use of USD, Euros, British Pounds, Russian Rubles and Ethereum to process funds, it is very famous in European countries including Russia, England etc. exchange

It also shows the fees and other charges, thus the payment is transparent. It is also very secure as none thefts or hacks ever took place on this platform. This is a great alternative of Coinbase.


  • Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card Deposits
  • Great User Interface for beginners
  • Transparent Fee Structure
  • Ethereum and other Altcoins available


  • No such cons
  • But recently Litecoin was unlisted

Interested in Ethereum?

GDAX Exchange Review

GDAX is one of the most used exchanges in India. It is a subsidiary of Coinbase which is the top Bitcoin wallet/Exchange of U.S and is used to buy/sell and send/receive Bitcoins and Ethereum. Actually, Coinbase Exchange rebranded as GDAX in 2016 to separate Exchange and Wallet services.

Whereas GDAX is popular for day to day trading which has been backed by some of the biggest investors in the industry.

gdax exchange dashboard

GDAX has a really different Fee structure which varies for maker and taker. Here no fees is charged on maker trades while Volume-based discounts can lower taker fees upto 0.1%. Moreover, Taker fees start at 0.25%.

What I personally like about this exchange is the Security. The company holds less than 2 percent of the customer funds in hot wallet(on online server), while the rest is secured in cold storage with multisig keys and secret encryption.

They also have Email and SMS alerts are available too which is another plus point.


  • Highly Secure
  • One of the cheapest Bitcoin exchange
  • High Volume Trading


  • Support could be better

Kraken Exchange Review

Kraken is one of the largest and fastest growing Bitcoin Exchange. They have grown significantly in Japan and European region after Mt.Gox collapse.

This platform is quite secure, thanks to its two-step authentication.

kraken exchange

Fees vary depending on the volume and it may vary from 0.05% to 0.75%.

Moreover, It allows you to deposit funds through Altcoins and Bank Transfer. Thus you can instantly start trading once your account has been activated.

And make sure to check Deposit and Withdraw fees structure before your start using it.

kraken money deposit options

Let me add a personal experience here, It will take around 2-3 days to process your first deposit. So, If you are comfortable waiting for a few days, then go ahead and give it a shot.


  • 2 step authentication
  • Low fees


  • Verification takes time

Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange Review

Here comes another popular exchange which is said to be a fully licensed Bitcoin Exchange in EU.

The User Interface of Bitstamp is really simple and attractive and that might be the reason for a tremendous number of active users. The trading volume is very high when compared to Kraken.

bitstamp bitcoin exchange

It allows you to buy Bitcoins using your Credit Card and Debit Card which makes it a one-stop destination for most fo the users. Actually you need to buy a Bit card using your Credit card, then you can use that card to buy Bitcoins on the exchange.

Let me add that, they charge 8% fees on purchases made through credit cards. To know more about their fee structures, make sure to visit here.


  • Pay through Wire, Credit/Debit Card
  • Set Price Alerts
  • Top Notch Security
  • Android/iOS App available


  • High fees on Credit cards
  • Wire transfer can take around 3-4 days

Looking to Buy Bitcoins?

Bittrex BTC Review

This is another amazing Bitcoin Exchange that I regularly use. It has almost all the major as well as the newer cryptocurrencies on which we can trade.

The security is this platform is pretty solid, thus making your coins safe. Also, they have a very strict policy of adding new coins so that no scam coins enter the platform.

bittrex btc exchange

Trading volumes are lower than Poloniex and also the site of the site could have been improved. Also, the trading fees is 0.25% which seems to be little high. But Bittrex is worth a try as it is user-friendly and has more altcoins.


  • Many Altcoins
  • User Friendly


  • Low Trading Volume
  • High Fee of 2.5%

Bitfinex Exchange Review

Bitfinex is really an advanced Bitcoin exchange as here you can customize the dashboard as per your requirements.

Once you are pro in regular trading, then you can also try Margin Trading which is one of the key features of this exchange.

bitfinex btc exchange

I would like to add that Bitfinex was hacked on 03 August 2016 and around 120,000 BTC were stolen from users accounts. But after that, they have improved their security.

Also, They charge low fees of 0.1% on Deposits and withdrawals that take place via the standard bank transfer. And the good part is Bitcoin and Litecoin deposit and withdrawals are free of cost.


  • Customize dashboard
  • Low Fees


  • Has been hacked once

OKCoin BTC Exchange Review

Another cryptocurrency exchange that made its place in our exclusive list is OkCoin. This is one of the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world with a volume of over 16 million Bitcoins per month.

okcoin btc exchange

This is exchange is very popular in China and has a large amount of active Chinese users. For a beginner, its user interface is easy to understand and is also available in the English language.

The good part is there are No fees on wire transfer and they also have a dedicated account manager from who you can take help incase of any issue.


  • No Wire Transfer charges
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Large trading volume


  • BTC price is quite high
  • Sometimes foreign users face issues while verification

Gemini Exchange Review

Gemini has proved itself to be one of the pioneers in Bitcoin Exchange. This company is headquartered at New York and mostly operates in Amera, Europe and parts of Asia.

It is a fully regulated, licensed bitcoin and ether exchange. They have only 3 modes of depositing funds i.e. US dollars, bitcoin, and ether.

gemini btc exchange

They have institutional as well as individual accounts. Having a very easy to understand user interface, it is really easy for beginners to start trading on it.


  • Individual as well as Institutional accounts
  • No limit on trading
  • Low fees


  • Only 3 modes of Payment

Let me share an advice before we wrap up. Do not use Bitcoin exchanges as Wallets.

Use a proper wallet like MyCelium or Ledger Nano S in order to store bitcoins safely for a longer period of time.

Do have a look at this:

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