Use these 7 Best Blockchain/Bitcoin Explorer to check your Transactions

Blockchain Explorer is similar to website browsing using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome. Instead of displaying websites, the content in it and graphics added on the pages, Blockchain Explorer displays the contents of individual Bitcoin blocks and transactions and the transaction histories and balances of addresses.

These Blockchain Explorers go hand in hand in exploring the blockchain universe which includes the minute details with it.

A better tracking of mined blocks in a live feed can be accessed; transactions taking place can be explored, and a complete history and live feed of addresses of receivers and senders.

The transactions become more transparent and decentralization is practiced giving the public more information for their future investments.

There are plenty of Blockchain Explorers that can be searched through Google Search Engine. We at Coinscage look for the best Blockchain Explorers that have the best and most features for a smooth sailing experience with the different blocks, how it was mined and the number of transactions taking place.

Moreover, some of the tasks that you can do with block explorer are:

  • Watch the block/transaction feed
  • Check transaction history for a given address
  • Check input and output of transactions
  • Check mempool status
  • View the genesis block

7 Best Blockchain Explore


blockchain info is the most popular Blockchain Explorer which focuses mostly on the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It ranks the highest in terms of the go-to places for Bitcoin users to look up bitcoin wallet addresses and transactions.

There are plenty of interactive statistics and charts especially in the advanced mode which helps you understand the structure of Blockchains much better.

There is also the added benefit of it consisting of a Bitcoin wallet available on desktop and mobile application. 20 different languages and 20 different currencies make a worldwide Bitcoin information center. has partnered up with the most popular Indian Bitcoin exchange, Unocoin in 2017 to enter the high populated Indian market.

2. is a full packaged block explorer, mining pool, and wallet for Bitcoins. It is a very safe and easy to use website which takes into account both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

It allows you to quickly access real-time and historical data on Bitcoin addresses, transactions and economy. has a surprising number of stats ranging from the pools real-time hash rate to the blockchain community changing in real time.

It has 27 languages being supported, which makes it a worldwide used block explorer. There is also the feature of searching transactions through QR codes with the help of one click. has got some interesting features such as network congestion and is responsible for blockchain innovations like full pay per share (FPPS) which is a system which gives higher transaction fees to miners.

3. Block Explorer


It is open source in nature and a free to use Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash block explorer.

It has a great old school overview of the entire market, with a great focus on real-time information.

Block Explorer is accessible in 4 languages as of now (German, English, Spanish and Japanese),  with a very comfortable mobile experience. Searching for your transactions or a block in Bitcoin Cash has never been easier.

Block Explorer has taken a decision of supporting Bitcoin Cash and regarding Bitcoin as a model of Bitcoin legacy.

This is the first company which announced BTC as the real Bitcoin, so for those Bitcoin Cash rebels out there, Block Explorer is your go-to Blockchain Explorer.

4. Etherscan


Etherscan is the leading Blockchain explorer for Ethereum.

Users are able to lookup, confirm and validate transactions taking place in the popular Ethereum blockchain more easily. The analytics available are comprehensible with a lot of information for Ethereum users.

Visit Etherscan when you need to verify transactions related to Ethereum and see if they have successfully gone through.

With Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) becoming popular and quicker in selling out, Etherscan can verify if the Ether from their wallet to the BAT address went through successfully.

API services are provided on this explorer that can also be used to build decentralized applications or to serve as data feeds for Ethreum Blockchain information.

With Ethereum network settling nearly 1.4 million transactions on a daily basis, EtherScan is a vital tool for Ethereums future.

5. Blockcypher


Blockcypher is a very easy to use Block explorer, with an easy to use search system for your transactions.

It supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin which are the main cryptocurrencies in many exchanges acting as a prominent buying coin.

Blockcypher has added features such as confirmation predictions which shows the probability of a transaction becoming confirmed. It also states fees estimates of how large a transaction fee you need to pay to be included quickly in a block.

The quick speed of transaction information available keeps you up to date with the latest data on an open source platform.

6. TradeBlock


TradeBlock is a Blockchain Explorer for Bitcoin and Ethereum, both in one place. This is a tool which considers itself to be world class.

Judging by the format on the website it proves to be very informative with in-depth analysis available.  It keeps track of the output and input separately which is helpful for the technical geeks.

There is a feature of an XBX index which represents a real-time USD equivalent spot rate for bitcoin. It is algorithmically calculated with fractions of seconds being recorded. Live Blocks are creatively shown in an interactive graph which a Blockchain enthusiast would be drooling in delight.

The main focus in Tradeblock is on economic data for professionals, which helps it stand out from the rest.

7. Blocktrail


This is a basic blockchain explorer, which gives you information for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash such as block feed, mempool size, and hashrate distribution. It is not anything out of the ordinary but it is very simple to use.

The plus point is information on a particular public address is able to be exported to a CSV file, which will help you maintain and organize your records.

The co-owner is a founder of Russian Facebook rival, Lev Leviev. Blocktrail was recently acquired by Bitmain, a large cryptocurrency mining company.

My Thoughts on Blockchain Explorers

You can take a look at the helpful sites above for your transactions and overall analytics in terms of the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

However, if you want to view information on the number of other cryptocurrencies, visit Chainz CryptoID to get a much better idea of the different Blockchain explorers available.

Remember if you are into cryptocurrencies, Blockchain explorers will help you in your journey. A simple guess will not work; use the tools of Blockchain Explorers to keep your strategy wise and decisive.

I usually track my transactions one a couple of the above-mentioned sites; let us know which one you found the most helpful!

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