Best Free Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Courses for 2018

Cryptocurrency is read on every website you visit, watched on every news channel you watch and heard from every colleague at work.

Cryptocurrencies are taking over the economic climate of the world, and there’s nothing you or I can do anything about its rapid popularity.

As they say ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ If you are not already on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, what better time to hop on it than now!

Worry not, if you feel like the cryptocurrency or blockchain technology are slang sounds too complicated. The courses on cryptocurrency will help you not only use words like ‘ICO’ to make you sound cool in front of your friends but make you tons of money.

Universities around the world and Websites have prepared material which will teach you a lot about cryptocurrency. Choosing the right course is by making sure the Return on Investment is far greater than the amount you spend on it.

We at Coinscage will help you narrow down your choices to help you choose the best course on Cryptocurrency.

The 7 best courses for Cryptocurrency

1. Cryptoversity


This is an online school that teaches you about Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The best part about Cryptoversity is it pays you in Bitcoin the more you learn about Cryptocurrency. Now that’s what we call motivation! Imagine getting paid to study, that too studying cryptocurrencies which will eventually make you a millionaire.  

Chris Coney, Cryptoversity’s owner, and main teacher change your confusion about cryptocurrency to confidence.

You can choose from a variety of different topics such as Digital Money Revolution which covers the basics of cryptocurrency with a history of Bitcoin.

Chris introduces an understanding of the topic before jumping on to how to maximise on the potential benefits, which gives you a clearer picture.

Subscribe to Cryptoversity, with monthly charges from $1 to $49. There is no certification provided but you can gain economic freedom from Bitcoin by watching their interactive video-based courses. With the added benefits of a support Chat group with Chris Coney in it.

Fee $1 to $49
Cerification No
Difficulty for Beginners Low

2. Coursera

coursera blockain course

Looking for a more reputed university course to learn about Cryptocurrencies, Coursera will do you justice. The course offered is by the reputed Princeton University and taught by Arvind Narayanan who is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science.

Princeton University is a university located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. It is one of the eight universities of the Ivy League. Enrolling in this Cryptocurrency course will give you a University based type of course, and give you bragging rights amongst your peers of doing an Ivy League course. So what if you were never chosen to the prestigious Harvard University? Those courses were so yesterday!

There is a range of diverse topics ranging from Cryptography, Consensus in distributed systems, blockchains and bitcoins. There is a total of 11 weeks of online material. Once you cover the topics, there are assignments to test your understanding. Sounds a bit boring, but these assignments are fun!

Once you do those assignments the practical side of taking advantage of the Cryptocurrency revolution gets as easy. All your questions will be answered by the mentors giving you a depth of understanding of the cryptocurrency world.

This is recommended for people with a programming language background as it is more technical, and is a course for the technical expertise on blockchain and the building blocks behind it.

Fee Free
Cerification No
Difficulty for Beginners Low


mooc bitcoin

This course is an introduction to digital currencies in the first free MOCC which means a Massive Open Online Course. Learn about cryptocurrencies around the globe from this course put together by the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. It claims to have over 11,000 students signed up in this course.

Bitcoin experts and leading experts in cryptocurrency Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis teach cryptocurrencies by covering the two fundamental principles you need to understand. One is the technical overview and the other is cryptocurrencies past and how it will shape the world. This will give you enough knowledge of important decisions that need to be taken when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

The course is very well structured and highly interactive. Topics such as Blockchain analysis, central bank responsibilities and remittances help your passion of Cryptocurrency get fulfilled.  

There is a total of about 12 MOOC sessions, with registering is free. The credits gained in this course after the 12 sessions help to secure admission into the world’s first MSc in Digital Currency degree program. This MSc degree can be paid in Bitcoin.

Fee Free
Cerification No
Difficulty for Beginners Moderate

4. Udemy

udemy blockchain course

Udemy is a popular online learning platform, and unlike MOCC which is mentioned above, they are courses by experts and not traditional coursework.

In this case, experts on cryptocurrency upload cryptocurrency courses which can be non-chargeable or chargeable with tuition charges.

Udemy is recommended for those who want to have knowledge on various sections of cryptocurrency, from different viewpoints. This can help a person decide what path to take to benefit from cryptocurrency.

It is basically the complete guide to buying and selling Bitcoin and Altcoins on the Cryptocurrency Exchange. It is always good to have different viewpoints!

Fee $10
Cerification Yes
Difficulty for Beginners Low

5. Khan Academy 

free blockchain course khan academy

This cryptocurrency course, is from Salman Khan, no not the famous Bollywood actor but an educator (Although Salman the actor would use Bitcoins in the future donations from his fans for his Being Human Project).

Khan Academy makes the Bitcoin easy to learn with 9 short lectures. Browse through important topics such as an Overview of Bitcoin and how the money supply works for Bitcoins. It is free, and really useful for the newbies!

Fee Free
Cerification No
Difficulty for Beginners Low

6. Popular Science

popular science cryptocurrency courses

Popular Science puts the Science in Cryptocurrency.

There are three available courses available:

  • Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing
  • Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Cryptocurrency investment Course: A Step by Step Guide

Check all the courses here.

Once the courses are bought, it can be accessed for a lifetime. The instructors include- Jerry Banfield an online entrepreneur with practical knowledge of the Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing and Cryptocurrency Mining. While Sam Capizzi who is a host of technology and financial analysis on Youtube, promises to teach all he has learned about cryptocurrency through his wondrous 3 years through #1 Cryptocurrency Investment Course: A Step by Step Guide.

Fee $15
Cerification No
Difficulty for Beginners Low



Last but not the least, We at try our best to provide you the best quality content about Bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain.

If you are an old reader of then you must know that we only produce high-quality content that helps Crypto beginners, to get introduced to the last crypto technology and products like Ledger Nano S.

We have already produced some viral articles like Best Ethereum Wallets, Top Bitcoin Wallets, Neo Cryptocurrency and much more. These articles help you get familiar with actually cryptocurrency environment so that you have a better understanding about cryptocurrencies.

Fee Free
Cerification No
Difficulty for Beginners Low

These 7 courses for Cryptocurrency are recommended by Coinscage. The important concepts, the understanding of blockchain networks, the different types of cryptocurrencies and how to make money using digital currencies will help you become a guru of Cryptonomics.

With Bitcoin price touching all-time highs of $8,000 and a market value of over $100 billion, students both young and old are flocking to take cryptocurrency courses. Take a cryptocurrency course if you are an entrepreneur who wants to invest in the long-term or use smart contracts of Ethereum for investing in an ICO.

These courses will also help in getting future bitcoin-related jobs for those freelancers. Bitcoin-related jobs such as ICO management have seen an increase of 82% according to employment marketplace Freelancer.

There is also the growing need for the skill of Blockchain technology for the financial industry, to be able to evaluate companies in terms of employing blockchain.

Blockchain technology is helping solve plenty of real-world problems such as healthcare, supply chain management, financial transactions and product quality control. It is also seen to cut cost for banks as high as $20 billion per year by 2020. Learning Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will give you a foot ahead of your peers when it comes to economic freedom.

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Remember Knowledge is Power!

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