Best Neo Wallets To Store Your NEO & Gas Safely

Best NEO Wallets

Best Neo Wallets: Neo has already become Cryptocurrency of the Year, thanks to its amazing technology which allows building Decentrlazied apps with many programming languages.

Developers and Investors found it a great opportunity which led to a steep incline in Neo’s price. Price of each Neo was $0.14 in the beginning of 2017 and within a period of 8 months, it skyrocketed up to $51. However, after the correction, the price stabilized at around $25.

People are calling Neo as “Ethereum Killer” and “Ethereum of China“.

With such great response all around, A lot of people have already bought Neo and Gas but many of them are struggling to store their NEO safely.

Since NEO project is still in infancy, it’s surrounding like Neo Wallets, Neo Exchanges etc has not been developed much. But you do not need to worry, as I had done the hard work for you.


You do not need to worry, as I had done the hard work for you.

In my previous article, I had already covered Everything you should about Neo Cryptocurrency where I gave a glance of all the things related to NEO. If you have read it, make sure to have a look here.

Actually a few days back I bought some NEO coins worth $1000 at Bittrex Exchange. Since I believe in Long-term HODL, I started searching for a reliable NEO Wallet to store my NEO safely.

But soon I realized that there would be many people like me having questions in mind like:

  • Where to store Neo?
  • Which is the Best NEO Wallet?
  • Where to store NEO Gas?
  • Which are the safe and reliable Neo Wallets?

NEO is relatively a new project not many wallets have been developed, unlike Ethereum which has many reliable wallets.

However, after due research, I shortlisted Top 7 Neo Wallets which are safe and reliable to store your coins.

But before starting up with NEO wallets, let me first clear about NEO and Gas.

Use Neo is a Platform on which DApps are build Neo runs on Gas
Fraction It cannot be divided(Remains in multiples of 1) It can be divided into fractions
Max. Supply 100,000,000 100,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000 10,457,112

8 Best Neo Wallets

There are 4 types of Neo Wallet:

Desktop Wallet: NEON Wallet, NEO – GUI, NEO – CLI

Mobile Wallet: NEO Wallet

Web Wallet: Neotracker, NEO Wallet, NEOWallet, OTCGO

Paper Wallet: Ansy

NEON Wallet(Desktop Wallet)

 neon wallet

NEON Wallet is one of the best Neo Wallet currently available in the market.

It is a lightweight Neo Desktop Wallet which has been developed by City of Zion. Though it is not developed by official Neo team, it has been declared 100% by them.

This wallet does various functions for both NEO assets i.e NEO and Gas:

  • Store
  • Send
  • Receive

This wallet is very easy to use and a great wallet for beginners.

Being a Desktop wallet you hold the private keys of your Neo wallet. Neon Wallet does not store information about your private keys, this makes your Neo & Gas extremely safe from any theft.

Note: Make sure to store a copy of your private keys somewhere safe. If you ever lose your Private Key, you would end up losing your funds.

Another benefit of storing your funds on NEON Wallet is, you can claim your GAS though this wallet itself.

Remember: If you hold your NEO on an exchange you won’t be entitled with the free GAS.

Currently, Neon Wallet is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Setting up this wallet is really very easy, you can also watch this official video for more reference.

Download NEON Wallet

NEO Tracker(Web Wallet)

neotracker wallet for neo

NEO Tracker is a web-based Offline Wallet which works on Chrome and Edge.

Even though you create your wallet online, nothing is stored on Neotracker servers. Being an offline wallet your NEO is always safe.

It allows you to Store, Send and Receive NEO and GAS.

You can also claim your automatically generated GAS through this wallet.

This wallet is not an official Neo Wallet but it has got complete verification from the NEO team.

NEO Tracker is extremely user-friendly, hence the best one for beginners.

Setting up NEO Wallet is very simple:

  1. Visit NeoTracker site
  2. Click on “New Wallet”
  3. Enter a Password(This is not the seed key)
  4. Download Keystore (Keep this file safely)
  5. Copy the Private Key(Keep this safely)
  6. That’s it! You will see your NEO Wallet.

 neotracker Neo Wallet

Currently, NEOTracker is available only for Chrome and Edge Browsers and supports English language only.

Go To NEO Tracker Wallet

NEO Wallet(Web Wallet)

neowallet web wallet

This is another Web Wallet for storing your NEO coins.

This wallet is similar to NEO Tracker where you can Store, Send and Recieve your NEO & GAS. This wallet also allows you to claim your free GAS.

Though it is an Online Wallet, your keys are not stored on NEO Wallet servers thus leaving no chance of any hack/theft.

You can also backup your NEO Wallet to control the private Keys.

Getting started with this wallet is really very simple. Just go to NEO Wallet and Create a New Wallet by setting up your passwords.

Currently, This best NEO Wallet is available on Chrome and Edge Browser for English and Chinese language.

Go To NEO Wallet

NEO – GUI Wallet(Desktop Wallet)

neo gui wallet

NEO GUI is the official NEO Desktop wallet.

This wallet is an offline wallet and gives you full control over your Private Keys. Though this wallet is safe it is not much user-friendly.

Starting this GUI wallet takes some time as it syncs the complete NEO Blockchain. Once it is completely synced, you can make a NEO wallet by setting up a password. But make sure to store the Private Key safely as you would need it if you forget the password.

Similar to all the above-mentioned NEO Wallets, this wallet allows you to Store, Send and Receive both NEO assets(NEO and GAS).

Currently, This wallet is available only for Windows 7 SP1 and later Windows 7 SP1 and later. It supports both English and Chinese language.

Download NEO – GUI Wallet

NEOWallet(Mobile Wallet)

neo wallet app

For those who want to store their NEO on Mobile, here is a good NEO Mobile Wallet.

This app allows you to Store, Send and Receive NEO and GAS. You can also claim your automatically generated GAS through this app itself.

This app does not have a high rating because of a few errors it had in the beginning. This NEO mobile wallet seems to be working perfectly now.

This wallet is from the makers of the NEO wallet which I listed on number 3.

Though this app works online, your Private Keys would not be stored on their servers thus making the App secure to use.

Currently, this app is only available for Android and supports only English.

Download NEO Wallet App

ANSY(NEO Paper Wallet)

Neo paper wallet

NEO paper wallet

If you are planning to store your NEO Coins for long period of time then you can surely try NEO Paper Wallet.

NEO Paper wallet is a piece of paper with your Public and Private Address on it.

There is no chance of any theft as the Private keys are stored offline. But make sure to keep this printed piece of paper very safely as you might lose your funds if it gets in the hands of someone else.

You can easily Store and Receive NEO & GAS on your paper wallet but sending them would be a hustle. Also remember, You won’t be able to Claim your GAS with this wallet.

There are two ways to Create a Neo Paper Wallet:

  • Convert – Enter a Paraphrase which will convert into a Private Key
  • Generate – Automatically Generate a difficult Private key

I would recommend you to select Generate as this reduces the possibility of any hack. Human are predictable and if someone guesses your Paraphrase then it would be piece of cake to get the private key and your funds would be gone.

To create this wallet, you need to visit Ansy site and Enter a Private Key.

ansy neo paper wallet


NEO CLI Wallet

 NEO CLI wallet

If you are looking for something very advanced and safe then here is NEO-CLI wallet for you.

CLI stands for Command Line which means this wallet runs through command prompt.

NEO-CLI is not at all user-friendly from a beginners perspective however, it provides top-notch security for your NEO Coins.

This wallet allows you to Store, Send and Receive NEO and Gas. You can also claim you Free GAS through this wallet.

Currently, This NEO Wallet is available for Windows and Linux operating systems but only in Englis).

Which is the Best NEO Wallet?

I hope by now you must have selected a NEO Wallet for yourself but if you are still confused then you should go with NEON Wallet or NEO Tracker.

Both these wallet are safe to store you NEO as well as GAS. Also, both of them allows you to claim GAS.

Before selecting a NEO wallet make sure that it has the option to claim GAS otherwise, you would be leaving money on the table.

I would also like to give an advice that never store your NEO or any altcoin on Exchange for long period of time, you can transfer it to their respective wallets or Ledger Nano S.

So, This is for today!

Don’t forget to comment below and tell which wallet you use for storing NEO? 

Do share this article with your Crypto enthusiasts over facebook groups!

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