Buy Bitcoin with Paypal: 5 Easiest Ways get Bitcoin using Paypal

With the steady increase in the price, Bitcoin has become an Uncrowned King of Cryptocurrencies.

Since, It has come into the limelight, more and more people are willing to invest in Bitcoins and make profits.

But unlike other goods and services which you can straight away purchase using Paypal or Credit Card, buying Bitcoin, on the other hand is a bit tricky task.

Since a lot of our readers were confused about how to buy Bitcoin using Paypal, I thought why not write a detailed article about the same.

Buying bitcoins has never been easy but the good thing is with time the options are increasing. The reason why you can directly buy Bitcoin with Paypal is ‘Chargeback‘.

But do not worry now! As their are a few tested and working methods which you can surely use. And after reading the below given step by step guide 98% readers have successfully bought the bitcoins using their Paypal accounts.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

So without much more chit-chat lets jump, directly on to the main topic.

Shall we?

Reliable Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal:

Before getting into the complete details, let’s have a look at all the different ways to use PayPal for Bitcoins.

Bitcoin ExchangesExchange RatesLimit on BuyingEase of BuyingTrust Factor
VirWoxAverageUser DependentHardHighest
LocalbitcoinsSlightly HighDepends on SellerEasyHigh
PaxfulSlightly HighDepends on SellerEasyAverage


First of all let me tell you that, VirWox is the most trusted and recommendable way.

Virwox is an virtual currency exchange where you can Bitcoins, second life Lindens and much more. It has around 850000 registered users and is a first choice to buy btc with paypal.

You might feel this process a bit lengthy but it will surely work.

This is How we are going to Buy Bitcoin using Paypal:

  • Create an account on Virwox
  • Deposit money with Paypal account
  • Buy SSL
  • Buy Bitcoins using the purchased SSL
  • Grab your Bitcoins

It’s not that difficult too!

Creating Account & Depositing Money

  1. First of all Visit Virwox from here and Signup as a New User.
  2. Click on Not Registered yet?Virwox signup
  3. Enter your Username and Email Address (You don’t need to change the Avatar though, have a look at below screenshot for reference)Virwox signup
  4. Now Click Register and Check your Mail box for Email confirmation & Password.
  5. Just Login back on Virwox with your details and Click on Deposit.Deposit in virwox
  6. Just Scroll down a bit to the PayPal express checkout section. Select the amount that you want to buy bitcoins for and Click Checkout with Paypal.Enter amount virwox #Tip: You can see the maximum limit for adding money for USD & Euro there itself. Alsom You will be charged for every transaction you make through Virwox so make sure to add the relevant amount.
  7. As you can see I added $95 in my Virwox account. You have to now enter your Paypal details and proceed.
  8. After clicking “Pay Now” you will get a confirmation along with the fees charge applied on your transaction.

Till now we are half way through or it would say one-third way. So you have added the money using your Paypal account, lets move forward.

Buy SLL with Deposited Money:

I hope all the above steps are clear and now we will buy the SLL with the money we had deposited.

  1. On the left side, Click on USD/SLL under Exchange.
  2. Now click on “Next” after entering the amount you want to sell.
  3. Do the confirmation by clicking on Place Order.
    congitm usd to SLL
  4. That’s it! Your have now sold your USD and Bought SLL.

#Note: You will be charged a commission of 50 SLL + 3.90%.

Buy Bitcoins with SSL

In this final step, We will buy Bitcoins with the SSL we have just bought using the Paypal account.

  1. Now, Under Exchange click on BTC/SLL
  2. Just click on Next.
  3. On the next page, Just click on Place order!Place order BTC SLL
  4. That’s it! Your transaction will be completed within minutes and you will get your BTC with Paypal money. You can see the below screenshot as I got 0.125 BTC with my $95 Paypal money.
    purchased Bitcoin with PayPal
    #Note: You will be again charged a commission of 50 SLL + 3.90%.

I hope by now you must have got the Bitcoins in your Virwox account. So, now it’s time to move your purchased bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet.

Withdrawing Bitcoins from Virwox

  • Under My account, click on “Withdraw
  • Enter your Bitcoin Wallet AddressTransfer to Bitcoin Wallet
  • That’s it! You will receive your bitcoins immediately if you are an old user. But if you are a new user then it will be done under 48 hours as these transactions are checked manually to reduce the chances of any fraudulent activity.

Also, you will be charged a handling fee of 0.004 BTC per withdrawal.

withdraw bitcoin from virwox

Benefits of using Virwox

Till now you must have got your Bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet. Their are a few benefits of using Virwox as a method of buy BTC with Paypal.

  • This method is one of the safest and valid way to buy bitcoins
  • Their are a lot of times when this method might fail in between after paying the money through paypal but you didn’t receive your Bitcoins. But the good thing is even if this happens with you, you will get your money back into the Paypal account.
  • Even though the process is lengthy, this method will surely serve you the best.

Drawbacks of using Virwox

  • The biggest drawback according to me is the charges that are applied per transaction. You will be charged 3 times from the first step to the last step.
  • Since their are two transactions going on i.e. USD to SLL and SLL to BTC, you will be charged 50 SLL + 3.90% each time.
  • Even for transferring the bitcoins to the wallet address, you will have to pay 0.004 Bitcoins per withdrawal.

At the end of the day, Even if there are a lot of charges I would recommend this method as it is the best possible way to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal through an exchange.

So, Let’s move to other methods to buy Bitcoins but these are not much reliable ways.

Once you get your Bitcoin, you must have a look here:


You must have heard about as it is very popular among bitcoin enthusiasts.

Localbitcoins is a marketplace where Buyers and sellers meet to trade bitcoins. Here you can find people who are willing to sell their bitcoins. All you need to do is just find a credible person so that you have a minimum risk of losing your money.

Since it is a peer to peer dealing, you have to be very careful while selecting the Seller or Buyer. However, Localbitcoins have a full dashboard where you can check person’s profile and take the call accordingly.

This method will allow you to instantly Buy Bitcoin with Paypal.

Enter your Requirements

  1. First of all you have to visit from here
  2. Enter all the details like the Amount, Country and the Payment Method. (Make sure to check Buy/Sell)localbitcoins
  3. You will get a list of people eligible for the trade as per your requirements.

Select the Seller

This is a very important part to convert paypal to bitcoins using Localbitcoins. Once you get a list of the probable sellers, just click on the trader name and you can check their profile.

Localbitcoins sellers

You will get the full information about their trading as well as feedback. Just analyse and select the best according to you. You can also have a word with them via online chat and ask them for any proof or something.

Localbitcoin seller profile

I had once used Localbitcoins to buy some bitcoins. The trade went great, however it all depends upon the trader you select.

Pay the Final Amount

After selecting the seller, just enter the amount for which you want to buy the Bitcoins. You can see the amount of Bitcoins that you will get on entering the amount.

Localbitcoins usd to btc

Advantages of using LocalBitcoins

  • Buying Bitcoins via localbitcoins is very simple and easy.
  • It will not take much time like Virwox method
  • You can chat with the seller by taking their contact details
  • You can also set your own conditions before trading.

Disadvantages of using Localbitcoins

  • Though this method is fast, you have to be very careful while selecting the seller.
  • Most of the time, you will be charged more than the fee charges of Virwox
  • The reason for such huge charges are the risk while transaction as well as the user commission.

I hope you must have understood how to buy bitcoin with paypal using localbitcoins. Moreover, you can use this method for all over the world including USA, UK, India, Nigeria and many more.


Cryptonit is an exchange portal like Virwox but it requires to complete a verification process inorder to buy bitcoin using Paypal.

This is relatively is new company when compared to Virwox, thus has less trust among bitcoins enthusiasts.

What does Verification Includes:

  • You would need a copy of government issued photo id
  • Rental Agreement or any utility bill as an  address verification document
  • You might feel weird but you would need a photo of yourself holding the above mentioned documents. Cryptonit might also setup a Skype video call to go through this step of identity verification.

How To Buy Bitcoins from Cryptonit

  1. Go to Cryptonit
  2. Select the currency you wish to Pay in(USD/Euro)
  3. Enter the Bitcoins you want to buy.Cryptonit buy BTC with paypal
  4. Click on Next and Pay through your Paypal account.
  5. That’s it! You will receive your bitcoin instantly after paying the amount.

Why you should go for Cryptonit?

  • The charges are pretty lower than Virwox and Local bitcoins
  • The customer support is very active and would resolve the issues instantly, if you get any.

Why not to go for Cryptonit?

  • This is fairly a new site and does not have much trust among users
  • The maximum amount of bitcoins you can buy for the first time is 0.23688, which would be less for a lot of people.
  • It requires verification which can take upto 24 hours on an average


Paxful is also a peer to peer bitcoins trading platform. It is like a younger brother of which is new and lesser know but has a better customer support.

buy btc with paypal on Paxful

Here you can buy Bitcoins using Paypal, Amazon card, Skype credits and much more.

Paxful is pretty easier than localbitcoins as you can select the seller yourself or let paxful do the job for you by selecting the best suitable trade for you.

You can also chat online with the seller so that you can agree upon the terms and conditions as well as finalize the deal.

The best part with paxful is that the seller’s Bitcoins will be sent into Escrow. And you have to mark that the payment has been transferred inorder to get the bitcoins in your account. Also, If the deal is not finalized within 30 minutes of timeframe, it will be auto-cancelled.

Benefits of visiting Paxful to Buy Bitcoins using Paypal

  • Here the good thing is that Paxful can automatically select the best match for you according to the requirements.
  • It is preferably a faster method when compared to Virwox or Localbitcoins
  • It has a great customer care support that would instantly resolve your issues.

Drawback of using Paxful

  • As I already told you about Localbitcoins, this is also a bit risky method to buy bitcoins with your paypal money.
  • The commission charges are much higher than Virwox.
  • You have to close the deal within 30 minutes.


Paybis is the newest company which has started accepting Paypal for Bitcoins.

Buying BTC thorugh Paybis is really very quick and easy. The fee of transaction is average when compared to other sites.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin on Paybis

  1. Go to Paybis.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to Buy bitcoins for. buy bitcoin on paybis
  3. Create an account on Paybis.paybis signup
  4. Now complete the verification process. It will take around 2-3 hours.
  5. Pay the amount through your Paypal account.
  6. That’s it! You will get your Bitcoins within an hour.

Advantages of using Paybis:

  • Fees are shown clearly, no hidden charges
  • Support is very Prompt and helpful
  • Transaction took place really quick

I hope you must have understood how to Buy bitcoins using Paypal and if you still have any question, just comment below.

Why you can not buy directly with Paypal?

Alot of people ask me that why so much of hassle? Why does not paypal allows to directly buy bitcoins.

Since their is no direct way to verify the transfer of bitcoins, a alot of Scammers ask for chargeback from Paypal by claiming that they have not received the bitcoins. Being a customer friendly company, paypal has to refund the money even if the user has got the bitcoins. Thus, they get to keep their Bitcoins as well as the refunded money.

Also in many cases, Paypal bans the users for selling bitcoin for paypal money.

Hence, Paypal, Credit card and Debit Card does not allow to directly purchase bitcoins or any cryptocurrency through them.

Some Common Questions that you might have in mind:

So which is the best method to buy Bitcoins? Is it Virwox?

I would say Yes! Although using Virwox can be a difficult to understand and use. It is the most reliable method to buy bitcoin with paypal.

The chances of losing your money is negligible in Virwox. While in other methods if things go wrong you might loose your money.

Can I deposit money in Paypal using Bitcoins?

Yes, you can but Paypal does not allow to directly fund your Paypal account with bitcoins. However, if you are a US resident then you can use Coinbase to sell your bitcoin and transfer amount to Paypal.

Can I Buy on Coinbase using Paypal?

No, You can not buy bitcoin using Paypal on Coinbase. You can only sell and transfer money to paypal if you are a US resident.

Is it necessary to Transfer my Bitcoins from Virwox to my Wallet?

Though it is not necessary but it is recommendable to withdraw your Bitcoins from Virwox to your wallet address. This will keep your safe during a theft or hack on virwox.

You must also Read:

I would love to answer more questions, if you have any don’t forget to comment below!

So, just go try the best method according to you and buy bitcoins with Paypal now.


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