Coinsecure Review: Is it the best way to Buy Bitcoins in India?

In the recent times, you must have seen that Bitcoin has got a lot of hype around the world and everyone wants to jump on this bandwagon.

We all know that there is two type of investments, Long-term, and short-term trading. Since Zebpay has already acquired a huge user base of long-term investors, there is an Indian Exchange which is solving the issue of day trading.

Yes, you guessed it right, its Coinsecure.

So Today I will be giving a detailed Coinsecure review along with a step by step guide that would help you use Coinsecure easily. 

coinsecure review

What is Coinsecure?

Coinsecure is a cryptocurrency exchange which allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin with fiat currency. The comapny was founded in 2014 by Mohit Kalra and Benson Samuel and is based out of Delhi, India.

They claim to have around 1.75 lakh registered users and recently received series A VC funding of $1.2M to expand their operations.

Though Coinsecure what the early adopter in Indian cryptosphere, they could not compete with the fast movers like Zebpay and Koinex.

Slow verification process, delayed withdrawals and downtime of the exchange couldn’t make this exchange famous among the crypto enthusiasts in India.

Coinsecure comes with a set of simple instructions, making it easy to use.

How Coinsecure Work?

STEP 1: Registration

  • First of all, Go to Coinsecure
  • Click on SignUp and Create your account


  • Once the registration is over, remember to activate your account with the link sent to your email.


  • Now go to the dashboard and complete the KYC verification process.coinsecure verification
  • It will take around 1 day to complete the verification.

Note: You may also start using Coinsecure Wallet without the need for verification. For this, users need to create a unique NETKI wallet name, then link your Bitcoin address with your Coinsecure Bitcoin wallet. The wallet is available online through your web browser or for Android.

After completing the verification process, you need to add money to your coinsecure account.

STEP 4: Deposit Funds in Coinsecure

  1. Go to Bank sectioncoinsecure bank deposit
  2. You can deposit funds with Bitcoins or Buy adding you Bank account details.
  3. After connecting your bank details, just deposit the amount you wish to.

Once your account is funded, you are all set to buy Bitcoin.

STEP 5: How to Buy Bitcoin on Coinsecure

  1. Go to Buy and Sell section
  2. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to Buycoinsecure buy bitcoin
  3. Click on Buy.
  4. Your request will now be submitted at the current market rate on their exchange.

You will soon receive Bitcoin in your Coinsecure wallet.

STEP 5: Withdraw Bitcoin from Coinsecure

  • To send Bitcoin to a wallet address you need to go to Wallet section
  • Enter the Bitcoin Address, Amount, and Click Withdraw.withdraw bitcoin from coinsecure

Bitcoins will be sent to the desired address almost instantly.

#CageTip: You will be charged a minimum fee of 0.0001 BTC, however, to increase the priority of the transaction you can increase the fees.

Some Takeaway in Coinsecure Review:

  • Coinsecure ensures to provide the users with the fastest real-time Bitcoin exchange in India with its trade engine..
  • It uses highly secure, robust technologies to bring you a fast, easy-to-use platform.
  • It provides ‘Blockchain Based Services’ where BlockChain consists of data structure blocks and maintains the transaction records against tampering and revision.
  • Mock Trading Platform – It helps it’s users to try trading without Real Money.
  • First Bitcoin Exchange in India with Rest APIs for all its products.
  • It provides both On-Chain and Off-Chain Wallet Services.
  • It offers an Algorithmic Trading Bitcoin Exchange.
  • Minimal Volatility and Conversion Risks.
  • It only charges 0.3% trade fees.
  • It works on ‘Automated’ Deposits and Withdrawals
  • It works on a large volume by handing over 3,000 BTC a month.
  • It offers a unique feature which does not require an Identification, instead just submit your ‘KYC’ while withdrawing or depositing
  • It lets you buy and sell BC using ‘Indian Rupees, which other exchanges don’t usually support.
  • It’s available on Coinsecure Android App as well. It is free and can be downloaded from Google Play.
  • It uses a unique feature of ‘Cold Storage’ where a certain portion of your funds are stored like a cold storage and a certain amount is available in a ‘Hot wallet’ for emergency withdrawals.
  • Keeping the issue of ‘Transperacy’ in mind users can also view the public Bitcoin ledger and blockchain in real-time using, Which further educates us on the Coinsecure technology and platform.

What could be Improved

  • Slow Verification– Sometimes the verification process takes a longer time than the usual time specified.
  • Busy Server– At times due to heavy usage their Website may Crash, to avoid this, users can use ‘Coinsecure Application’ for hassle-free work.coinsecure server down
  • The site may usually take a lot of time to open.
  • Delay in operations
  • Prices may fluctuate due to heavy loaded servers.

By now you must have got all the important information about Coinsecure and now it’s time to wrap up this review.


Coinsecure Review: If you are new to Bitcoin trading in India, Coinsecure could be a good way to start as you can easily deposit your money. But the prices of Coinsecure is a bit higher than the global prices, which makes a huge difference while trading cryptos. Hence, I would recommend you to try out Koinex for a better experience.

Also, The servers of Coinsecure are dead a lot of times and this is what I really hate about them. Moreover, The overall trading experience is ok and you must give it a try. However, You can also try other Bitcoin Exchange which works on a global level.

So, That it for today, I hope you liked this Coinsecure Review.

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  • Low Spread
  • Average Fees
  • Hybrid wallet


  • No altcoins
  • Average customer support
  • No Mobile app

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