7 Best Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

With Bitcoin prices going through the roof, from $0.08 in July 2010 to $11,732 as of time of writing it is only wise to learn to earn it. Learn to earn Bitcoins freely instead of using your hardworking fiat money to buy and hodl.

The methods of earning free Bitcoin here, is not simply a click and earn method as these methods are hoaxes and do not exist. Instead it will use your time and sometimes effort in earning Bitcoin either in your free time or staying up late at night to earn some extra bucks.

With the below methods it is not possible to earn high figures of Bitcoin but small micro earnings, which means you should not be too greedy but happy with what you get.

I personally use some of these methods while commuting to meetings, instead of browsing through unnecessary websites and social media to make sure time is well used. As they say time is money, and time is not able to get back!

Here are two easy ways but earnings are minimal-

Paid to Click Websites (PTC)

Travelling to another city and sitting down quite bored? Why not earn the ticket cost back by using a PTC website to earn BTC. The most popular PTC website is ads4BTC which has a number of ads which you watch and in compensation BTC is given.

The rewards of ads4BTC is as follows:

View Duration – Reward

View Duration Reward
5 Seconds 12 Satoshi
10 Seconds 21 Satoshi
20 Seconds 30 Satoshi
30 Seconds 42 Satoshi
60 Seconds 62 Satoshi

(Satoshi– Crypto slang – for the smallest fraction of Bitcoin which is currently at 0.00000001 BTC, that is, a hundredth of a millionth BTC)

Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin faucet is a reward system n the form of a website or app that dispenses rewards. Bitcoin faucets were developed by Gavin Andresen in 2010.

Rewards keep being dispensed at various intervals of time, when completing simple tasks such as captcha completions and simple games like Bitcoin fidget spinner.

The rewards are minimal in such ways and are a good way to kill some time and earn money while travelling or sitting bored in a meeting. It is much better than playing candy crush or the Subway surfers, where the rewards are not monetary.

Faucets are the new age of sitting and earning.

Popular Bitcoin faucets include-

Faucets are a great way to start earning passive income, by linking up and creating a referral system. Gaining referrals is not easy but once you succeed in this, it will help you earn even while sleeping.

Try not to spam forums with your referral code, instead thread on it safely and in a more subtle manner. Send referral links to close friends who are looking at quick ways to making money!

Here are ways where hard work and smart thinking is required and can become high in earnings-

Freelancing for Bitcoin

The digital nomad lifestyle has become pretty common. This means that payments are usually transferred into the bank account, or sent via PayPal (Ouch the transaction fees!).  

With Bitcoin payments, it’s cheaper and faster, tends to grow if kept in a Bitcoin wallet or Bitcoin exchange.

Some interesting sites where you can find work for payment in Bitcoin are:

Bitcoin Trading

Trade Bitcoin

Ever invested in the stock market or foreign currency exchange market? The Bitcoin trading market is way faster, easier and does not take up as much a time as the other traditional trading.

The concept is simple, buy Bitcoin from your fiat currency at the lowest price and sell your Bitcoin for fiat currency at the highest price. Bitcoin is the sole cryptocurrency for trading in other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others.

The main point of focus is on the research on the cryptocurrencies and trying to predict the outcome. There are two main ways you can trade, either gain in on short term profits, by doing day to day trading or HODL for the long term higher benefits (HODL- Crypto slang Referring to holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling it).

Recommended easy to use Centralized Cryptocurrency exchanges include-

Practice makes a man perfect, and if you keep practicing and making mistakes don’t worry. You will eventually understand what you are doing wrong and hence will be able to profit sooner than later.

I have personally made a lot of blunders and quick decisions which lead to a loss; however this quickly rose to unbelievable profits which recovered ten times more the loss I made.

Here are ways where risk is required and can become high in earnings or make you lose plenty- (Be Cautious)

Bitcoin Gambling

Gambling is not legit but is a way of earning quick money provided you are a risk taker. Anything can happen in the world of sports and casino games such as roulette. If you got the skills it is a sure way to make big bucks.

There are several sites dedicated to online gambling using BTC, this is perfect for countries where gambling is illegal and has somehow stopped transactions to and from betting sites.

The good part is deposits and withdrawals are instant and with no extra commissions taken aside for the transactions.

Here are popular Bitcoin gambling sites that are interactive and very easy to use-

Lending Bitcoins

Got a little extra BTC and thinking of making a good 10-20% interest on it, why not lend it out to borrowers that need it.  Just keep an eye out on the borrower and read up on his credibility levels.

Get your BTC in good use instead of just HODLing it and wasting precious time.

The most known Bitcoin lending websites includes:

I myself have lended BTC to my personal friends in exchange for an interest rate, this gives me a trust level in a personal way instead of hard to verify online methods. You must read our detailed article on Best Bitcoin Lending sites to get more information. 

The best way to Earn Free Bitcoins is Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the best option to earn high amounts of Bitcoin, however there is loads of investment required. Computer hardware of the latest technology is needed along with cold internal temperatures to reduce heating of the hardware. Therefore costs involved of mining are high due to capital costs and electricity consumption.

Bitcoin is currently at 80% mined levels, meaning the remaining 20% will be more expensive and harder to mine.  It was a great option in the early days as simple graphic processing units were able to perform Bitcoin mining tasks. These days specialized equipment is needed.

The best way of Bitcoin mining is by using contract mining. Here you will pay a fee in exchange for a company to employ its Bitcoin mining equipment for you. This is an easy to go solution with two services being very popular-

This is a guaranteed way of earning passive BTC provided you make the right decisions with the right financial calculations.

To gain Free Bitcoins it is important to first configure certain aspects i.e a Bitcoin wallet.

Getting a Bitcoin Wallet

Open a Bitcoin wallet that will be able to store your Bitcoin from the methods you used above to get the free BTC. There are plenty of Bitcoin wallets, but do keep note of safe Bitcoin wallets.

Popular Bitcoin Wallets includes:

Your Wallet Address

Once you register on a Bitcoin Wallet, a Bitcoin Address is provided which looks like – 1LkAK31JbNC7fQH7AxtbajtUbA3STBWdQb .

This should be copied and pasted in the withdrawal section, or a picture of the QR code should be taken in order to make it faster with no typo errors.

Earning free BTC is a piece of cake once you put your mind into it. With internet access and with laptops, mobiles and tabs being at our convenience you can use travel time, boring meeting times, and even before going to bed times to earn some extra BTC.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family so that they can make some quick money tool.

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