What is GAME & How to Buy GameCredits Coin?

The ever increasing and new crypto coins launching every now and then is never-ending. They are being introduced to the market with the different dimension of features which are quite impressive.

While some of the digital coins are just a clones of Bitcoins. On the other hand, some of the new emerging or introducing cryptocurrencies built and use their ideas out of the way to come into the radar of being noticed by the majority of crypto crowds.

You must be already well aware of the fact that there currently 1000+ crypto coins functioning in the market.

So to check out whether which crypto coins provide what features to you is quite a time-consuming task. Right?

You must be frequently surrounded by the problems like:

  • Which currency is suitable to invest?
  • Which is the most convenient way to buy it?
  • Where to store your digital coins?
  • Which coins are providing what features to you?

And many more.

So, as like everytime coinscage are here, with yet another review of cryptocurrency. The aim to analyze different digital coins is just to help you out so that you can make a better decision making of where and when to invest?

The world of cryptocurrency is taking their place not only into transactions, or being anonymous such as Monero or Zcash, or just for holding your digital coins in the wallet.

Now, I am pretty sure you must be thinking now what else then?

Well, wait!

Before I move ahead let me ask you a simple question:

  • Are you a video game lover?
  • Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiasts?
  • Are you looking to monetize your game?

If yes, then get ready you gave landed in a right place. You must be now pondering of how a cryptocurrency is related to the field of games. Right?

We are already aware of the fact that after the introduction of Bitcoin to the market, everything is making their way to becoming decentralized with the blockchain technology.

The gaming industry is also heading towards blockchain. Yes, you heard it right.

It’s time for the gaming industry to be used on a decentralized network.

The company that is running on blockchain technology is GameCredits.

Now let us move towards what actually a GameCredits is?

What is GameCredits?


GameCredits is a universal In-game token developed with safe and secure blockchain technology.

The main aim is to resolve all the issues related to the gaming industries on a global level. It provides plug n play free in-game monetization platform. You don’t have to pay any fee to get listed on GameHub of GameCredits.

As stated by GAME Foundation,

“We strive to create the most cutting-edge payment solutions and make them available to the mass gaming market. We will offer the gaming industry ways to pay less and make more. Our in-game payment gateway is built for the gaming industry by the gaming industry”.

Features of GameCredits:

  • Instant Transaction: Transactions are generally carried within few minutes. It means the transactions are instant.
  • Secure: Every transaction is encrypted in peer – to – peer network which means all the transactions are safe and secure.
  • Anonymous: It lets your all the transaction records to be private. No one will be able to know your identity or how much GameCredits you are holding.
  • Decentralized: The powers are distributed over the less concentrated areas. You have your control over your built games.

All these features make GameCredits an ideal, in-game and monetization platform on a global level.

These features of GameCredits are so used to the key members of the game industry that they make the most out of it.

Benefits of GameCredits:

GAME provides benefits for everyone included in their ecosystem.

To Gamers: In Classical Platform, there was low variability of security and anonymity. There were low funding of deposits too. They were also not able to transfer money from game platform to another.

But, GameCredits allow us to transfer currency instantly across any platform. Thay also provide the high degree of security and anonymity to its users.

To Developers: GameCredits is one of the great platforms especially for developers. They don’t have to wait for their payments to come as earlier, developers have to wait for several days to get their payment.

Also, Google Play & App Store charges around 30% share for in-game purchases as well as they charge for publishing the game on their platforms.

But, after the introduction of GameCredits, all these problems have been solved to a great extent. So, developers don’t have to worry about their ideas of building a gaming app.

To Game Industry: As the deposits were low in earlier times, the gaming industry has to suffer an often loss. This definitely affects the revenues of the gaming industry.

All these problems are well resolved by the GameCredits platform easily:

Now, Let’s see how to can buy GameCredits to make money by trading them.

How to buy GameCredits(GAME):

Buying your GameCredits is quite easy as it is available on many exchanges. But before you buy GAME, you need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase.

Register on Coinbase

Inorder to buy Bitcoin, I would recommend you to use Coinbase. However, If Coinbase is not available in your country, then you can go ahead with Coinbase alternatives.

Coinbase is most of the most reputed and trusted platform to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can get started by simply creating an account with this link.

You will get $10 worth free Bitcoin when you make the first purchase of $100 or more.

coinbase signup

Now you need to go through the verification process which includes:

  • Email ID
  • Phone Number
  • Photo Id – Driving License, Passport etc

Once, this verification is completed, you need to add a bank account or debit card or credit card. You account will be verified soon and then you can instantly purchase Bitcoin.

Purchasing Bitcoin or Ethreum

Now you need to visit, Buy/Sell tab in Coinbase and buy Bitcoin. For this guide, We will be buying Bitcoin to buy GAME.

Just select the cryptocurrency and enter the amount you wish to buy. Recheck the order and confirm!

coinbase buy bitcoin

You will soon receive Bitcoin in your Coinbase wallet which you will use to buy GameCreadits.

The different available methods to buy acquire your GameCredits are:

Buy From Changelly

One of the easiest and the most convenient way to acquire your GameCredits is via Changelly. You change your BTC/ETH/Altcoins to exchange it for GameCredits token.

With Changelly you can convert one cryptocurrency to another instantly.

To buy your token you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • BTC/ETH/Altcoins to exchange it for GameCredits token.
  • Your GameCredits wallet address where you want to receive your tokens.

You must go ahead with our Changelly Review and Guide for detailed steps to buy your GameCredits via Changelly.

Buy from ShapeShift

It is also an exchange platform similar to Changelly. It currently supports 30 digital coins to be exchanged that also includes GameCredits.

buy game from shapeshift

To quickly acquire your GameCredits via ShapeShift follow this guide.

Buy from Web Wallets:

It is one of those secure places where you can keep your tokens of GameCredits instead of placing them in a private wallet. It also provides the feature of backing up your wallet offline too.

You just need to register to get your WebWallet with all your private address and keys. It also allows you to send and receive an unlimited amount of token of GameCredits.

game web wallet

You can easily buy GameCredits via Web wallet by following this official guide.

Features of GameCredits WebWallet:

  • Simple: It is simple to use and user-friendly. You can buy or make payments of GameCredits with simple guided rules.
  • Secure: GameCredits are safe and secure to use. Your identity remains anonymous along with it provide us the feature of offline back up too. You no longer have to worry about your lost devices and transactions are end to end encrypted.
  •  Design: The design of the WebWallet is so attractive to users that it keeps them engaged throughout the process. Developers have taken good care of the overall look.

From Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

From Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can send BTC and then trade it for GAME.

The benefit of using an online exchange is that you need to pay very less trading fee when compared to instant conversion tools. But if you are a crypto newbie, then Changelly would be much easier for you.

Similarly, You can use Bittrex and Poloniex to buy GAME. You can go ahead with the detailed review of PoloniexBittrex, and YoBit.

GameCredit(GAME) Wallets

Once you buy GAME, its time to store it in a wallet.

GAME is not supported by much 3rd party wallets, hence you need to store it on an exchange or go for the below mentioned wallets.

I would recommend storing your funds on Coinomi as it is a secure and trusted wallet and allows to store many other cryptos.

Technical Information:

Algorithm Scrypt
Blocktime 90 seconds
Retarget Every block
Block Reward 25 coins
Block Count 1,065,446
Maximum Coins 64 million
Launch date February 18, 2014

Future of GameCredits:

Game Industry is booming on a regular basis and also the market capitalization has recently surpassed 100 billion dollars. The ever growing industry is predicted to give the positive result for the next 25 years around.

Most of the available platforms that use blockchain technology are in the field of financing. But, GameCredits pave the way out to use the technology and make it the pathway for game developers and gamers.

Additionally, Games are becoming multi-billion dollar industry especially the mobile games. GameCredits is such platform that was just a dream for many of the people but it has turned to the reality by the blockchain technology.

That’s the key reason that much of the crowd are attracted towards it. GameCredits has the potential to give the highest return to its investor especially in Asiatic countries such as China or India.

MobileGo is their own gaming store. It has a proprietary payment gateway that will enable GAME to reach millions of new users and therefore, GameCredits will grow in value and reward their investors.

It is estimated that 1000+ games will be available to the company by the end of the year 2017.

Moreover, They have various upcoming products and have already met deadlines for previous product launches.

Our Review:

GameCredits is one of the best platforms for all the game and cryptocurrency lover. It has reduced the fee of revenue by 20%. It has increased the deposit limits of gamer along with receiving payments within minutes.

It is a great platform for developers to sell their game on the other hand GameCredits takes only 10% of developers revenue which is way less than apple or google play store.

GameCredits launched the game store and they hope that they can help the gaming industry by offering developers a new way to publish their games while also saving them about 20% in fees.

The developers would get their payments faster, and also they can get their games listed on the game store in less than 10 minutes

You can play games and easily transfer your digital coin from one platform to another.

So, what do you think about GameCredits? Give your opinion in a comment section down below.

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