Jaxx Wallet Review – Is it a trusted wallet to store your Crypto?

Jaxx Wallet Review: The popularity of the cryptocurrency is growing at a rapid pace and there are massive growths associated with the use of these currencies.

Such an experience serves as a double-edged sword. On one hand, it causes explosive financial growth, on the other, it is the potential heaven for the hackers.

With this sentiment in mind, we do not recommend to keep these currencies locked up in credit and debit cards. Of course, the centralized storage is too vulnerable to equip with such precious currency.

So, in order to avoid the much-unsolicited attention from the hackers, the concept of decentralization comes into play. Therefore, the discussion of decentralization is of no use without quality wallets. So, let’s talk about Jaxx, one of the best wallets in the entire market.

What is Jaxx Wallet?

Jaxx is a wallet developed by the Decentral that offers the support for seven different cryptocurrencies. It is a multiple coin, multiple platform wallet that ensures that the bitcoins you have stay in safe hands.

It supports all the giants of the crypto-world, such as the Bitcoin and Ethereum and gives an immense experience to the user. So, in the world of the Wallets and the cryptocurrency, the Jaxx Wallet attains the place of a biggie!

How good is the UI of Jaxx?

The UI (User Interface) of the Jaxx wallet is of the highest standard. It is both the strong and the weak point of the wallet. The design is very simple and provides a convenient access to sending and receiving of the funds.

In addition to that, the other accessibility options include balance checking and switching to different currencies. However, all these features come at a price. The interface of the app takes around 10-14 seconds to load.

This means, if you are a Jaxx user and the market gets into a rapid sale position, then consider yourself lost folks! Because the things will be back to normal by the time you get into the app.

Design of Jaxx UI

The strongest point in the interface of the Jaxx software is its rather attractive and modern design. This beauty is consistent across all of the devices and imparts a feeling of professionalism while using the app.

How good is the security of Jaxx?

The Jaxx uses a decentralized method of security. Therefore, it hosts a number of private keys. That is on the user’s end, depicting no other control over the device rather than yourself. This sense of security is not present in the traditional wallet apps within the market.

Moreover, the backing up process is done via generating a mnemonic seed that signifies that you can get back to your account even if you’ve lost it for some reason. Due to these reasons, Jaxx attains the place of the very best cryptocurrency wallet app in the market.

How good is the support of Jaxx?

The main purpose of this wallet is to secure the belongings of its master. And, if we look at it from this perspective, the Jaxx is one of the most-prompt ones. It is so supportive that you can even get to the CEO of Jaxx across different social media platforms!

The Jaxx support desk is also very supportive and good at their job. Such a team makes sure flabbergasted user bothers their boss with his Jaxx experiences.

What are the Advantages/ Disadvantages of using Jaxx?

There are many reasons why the users are so much into the Jaxx experience. Some of the most prominent answers include:

  • High security ensures that you are in control
  • It is a multi-coin, multi-platform application
  • Ability to pair with other devices
  • An easy to use built-in exchange is there to use

On the other hand, we can’t rule out the fact that app is all perfect. Being that said, let us also look into some of the things that make the use of Jaxx a bad experience.

  • It is slow to use
  • There are several bugs coming time after time
  • Support is not “instant

How to get started with Jaxx?

First of all, you need to download the App. You can download it for Android, iOS, Mac or various other platforms. You can get all the Jaxx App here.

For this Jaxx Review guide, I will be using Jaxx App on my iOS Mobile. Once you have downloaded the Jaxx app from the app store, here is how to begin using the app.

How to register with Jaxx?

After the app has finished downloading, open it up. Let’s begin looking into the app!

  1. As you open the app. You will see a dialogue such as this one.

Jaxx Creating/Restoring wallet

Tap the Create New Wallet to make a new Wallet and to restore to a previous wallet, click Pair/Restore Wallet. Restoring or pairing will grant you access to an already available wallet.

  1. Tap the Express settings. It will set up the wallet quickly and automatically.

Jaxx setup

However, if you are looking to customize your wallet’s token etc, use the Custom option.

  1. Select the cryptocurrencies you want to deal in.

Jaxx Selecting Cryptos

And that’s it my friends. You are now ready to use the app!

How Jaxx Wallet works?

The working of Jaxx is pretty simple. Here is the UI of the app.

Jaxx UI

You can see that in the top, the icons of the selected cryptocurrencies displaying, allowing you to jump up to that particular cryptocurrency and start dealing in it.

Next to that, on the top right corner is the Menu button. Tap it to gain access to calculators, settings and currencies.

Under that is the Receiving button, Ware wolf button, and the Sending button. Ware wolf button is dedicated to the Shape Shifter feature which allows the user to convert their cryptos into some other cryptos.

Shapeshift has been integrated into Jaxx, hence you can instantly exchange your crypto to another crypto. This is similar to Changelly, where you can instantly convert your cryptos.

Under these buttons is the local address of the user (QR Code as well!). In addition to that, the current balance of the user in bitcoins and USD is also provided. Also, the Transaction history is also displayed at the bottom of the UI.

How to use Jaxx?

Now that we know how the app works, let’s see how to use the app.

For Sending Payments

For sending the payments, simply follow these steps.

  1. Tap the “Send” button

Jaxx Sending Payments

  1. A popup will appear. Just input the receiving address (or scan the QR) and specify the amount.
  2. Now, Confirm the currency being traded and tap the send button.

BAM! Your money is sent!

For Receiving Payments

For receiving payments, only confirm the amount and the currency you are about to receive. Now, click the generate button. That would do the job.

Jaxx Receive Payment


Take the shapeshift feature like an onboard exchange on the app. It allows you to trade your currency and shift it into any other currency. To use this, follow the procedure below.

Jaxx Shapeshift

Just enter the amount and check the currency, and tap the shift button. Your currency will change!

To support you in this decision-making, the app has integrated some instant rates and depositing limits so that you can get the best experience.

Also, note that the “spendable” refers to the maximum amount of funds that you can spend in the shapeshift. Furthermore, minimum and maximum deposit limits are provided that ultimately increase the user experience.

Folks this is all the necessary working you will be doing within the app! Sounds pretty simple, right?

What is on the Menu?

Now that we are familiar with the basic working of the app, let’s get to the menu tab. As you can see above, it contains three tabs,

Jaxx Menu

  • The Menu Tab, for the tools, settings and information
  • The wallets tab, for the selection of new cryptocurrencies, or the deselection of the old ones.
  • Currency tab, which is a quick calculator for the cryptocurrency into fiat cash.

A Few Professional Tips to Avoid Any Nuisance

Following our better safe than sorry rule, we will like to present some tips that can save you from a potential disaster.

Create a PIN

Making a PIN protects your transactions and settings from unauthorized entry. So, make sure your PIN is not only created, but in safe hands so that your cryptos stay safe.

How do I Find The Customer Support?

To get in touch with the support desk of the Jaxx, go to the support page at www.jaxx.io.

How Much Fees/Charges Do We Pay for cex.io?

There are actually three main plans to process a transaction in Jaxx. Their details are as follows:

  • Fast (Expensive and fast)

This mode of payment is fast as it concludes the transaction by the end of preceding block in the blockchain. This payment mode, however, comes at a price to the user. It is the most expensive plan of the three plans as well.

  • Average (Average and moderate)

This plan concludes the transaction in approximately 3 blocks. However, blockchain network is not unfamiliar with the phenomenon of congestion. So, consequently, there might be faced delays in the confirmation of the transactions.

  • Slow (Cheap and slow)

It is a not recommended option because the slow plan is the cheapest of the plans there are. Set the phenomenon of blocks and the blockchain aside folks, as this transaction might take days to receive confirmation. Consequently, you will suffer in the end.

For those who are unaware of the blockchain and how it works, here an a brilliant blockchain illustration from the blockgeeks to get you through this point.

How Good is The Privacy?

The privacy of the user is of the highest standard in the Jaxx wallet. Even the keys to the seed and backup/pairing phrases are in the hands of the user himself. This defines the highest level of privacy that is also termed as client-end or user-end privacy.

How Speedy is The cex.io?

Votes are against this one as Jaxx takes 4 to 5 times more time than the traditional apps to initialize. This is not a fast service.

What is the Reputation of cex.io?

To illustrate the reputation of the Jaxx wallet, we will have to look at the few things that make will measure the reputation of Jaxx.

Jaxx ranks in the top 10 wallets there are. It is a highly reputed wallet despite the fact it needs minor tweaks to this day.

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

There are many many crypto and fiat currencies that are supported in the wallet. To check them out, head out to the menu and check wallet and currency options.

How to Gain the Extra Advantage?

In order to have an extra advantage of Jaxx Wallet, make the best use of the shapeshifter. You just have to check which currency will do the best trading in a lapse of time and shapeshift your currencies into that specific crypto.

This can provide you with the best experience and an extra advantage of using the Jaxx wallet.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Jaxx wallet is a serious thing to keep when you have a thing about the design and the UI of the apps. Therefore, the app provides the best multi-coin, multi-platform pairing experience to the users.

However, there are some minor tweaks that could make the working of the app even better. Some notable ones include instant help desks and UI tweaks to improve the speed.

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Ease for Beginners


Customer Support






Payment Methods



  • Free to use
  • Available on various platforms
  • Multi-currency
  • Instant crypto exchange


  • Not open source
  • Support not good

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