Ledger Nano S Supported Coins and Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Safeguarding our hard earned money is a good habbit and when it comes to storing cryptocurrencies it must be our top priority to keep our funds on a reliable platform.

We have heard a lot about cryptocurrency exchanges being hacked and Bitcoin/Ethereum being stolen. So, it is a better to store our cryptocurrencies on a robust wallet which cannot be hacked.

The only way to be sure of cryptocurrency safety is by owning the private keys of the wallet.

If you are a regular reader of our website, you must know I always recommend to store the crypto on a Hardware wallet where we own the private keys.

When it comes to Hardware wallets, nothing can beat Ledger Nano S.

Ledger Nano S is one of the most popular and beginner friendly Hardware wallet currently available in the market.

Initially, I stored my Bitcoin on Coinbase but soon I bought many altcoins for long-term investment. When I was in the quest of a reliable offline wallet, I encountered Ledger wallet.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger was launched in 2016 by a French startup and soon became a favorite device for the crypto enthusiast.

This USB looking device allows to send/receive cryptocoins as well as manage various wallet addresses. Though it needs to be connected to the computer while sending the funds, thanks to the secure element, the security is not all compromised.

The coins are kept in cold storage means an offline wallet, thus it is never connected to the internet/network.

The best part about Ledger Nano S is that it allows you to create various wallet address in one device and store the cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Nano cost around $80 and you can order it from its official site.

I have already written a detailed review of this device and today I will share the list of cryptocurrencies and coins that are being supported by Ledger Nano S.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Ledger Nano S Supported Cryptocurrencies

Ledger Nano S has always added new cryptocurrencies to their platform. Whenever there is a Hard Fork, Ledger has always come forward and worked on adding that crypto wallet.

During the recent Hardfork of Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash, Ledger gave an equal amount of BCH to the people who stored Bitcoin on Ledger at the time of the fork. This shows that Ledger is working hard to provide a great experience to its customers.

Now, let’s see the complete list of all the cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger Nano S.

ledger nano cryptocurrencies

  1. Bitcoin(BTC): We all know about the most Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and initially Ledger Nano S was designed for Bitcoin itself.
  2. Bitcoin Cash(BCC): Bitcoin Cash was added to ledger Nano S as soon as it Bitcoin was split in August 2017.
  3. Litecoin(LTC): LTC was the 2nd crypto to be supported on Ledger Nano S. This silver of cryptocurrency has recently jumped more than 400% within a few days.
  4. Ethereum(ETH): Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocurrency and has the 2nd highest market capitalization. I have a large portion of my money invested in ETH.
  5. Ethereum Classic(ETC): ETC was produced by the split(hard fork) of Ethereum and it was instantly added to the Ledger.
  6. Ripple(XRP): Most of the portfolios have Ripple on them and recently XRP has given huge return to all the HODLers.
  7. Digital Cash(DASH): DASH has a very strong marketing team and as a result, it has recently crossed more a huge price point of $1000. DASH has never been a beginners coin but it is heavily used for payments among professionals.
  8. Zcash(ZEC): Zcash is similar to Bitcoin but it works on private blockchain which means no one else could see the transactions. This is most used by the people who do not want to disclose their funds to the world.
  9. Dogecoin(DOGE): DOGE is one of the oldest cryptocurrency and was extremely popular among crypto enthusiasts. However, In the current times, DOGE doesn’t seem to have much of the fan following.
  10. Komodo(KMD): Komodo is a good coin but it hasn’t got much of my attention as of now. Moreover, It has not increased as much as other crypto did over the past few months.
  11. Stratis(STRAT): Stratis is a platform which eases the development and testing of C# applications on the dot NET framework. It has received good support from the crypto community and is definitely a good buy.
  12. Bitcoin Gold(BTG): Ledger also supports BTG which is another hard fork of Bitcoin.
  13. NEO:NEO is a great project and is also know as Ethereum killer. But to store NEO, ledger works with NEON Wallet and it also supports GAS.
  14. Viacoin
  15. Stealthcoin (XST)
  16. PIVX
  17. Vertcoin
  18. Ubiq
  19. Expanse (EXP)
  20. PoSW
  21. ARK

As we already discussed above, that Ledger is constantly adding new crypto on their platform. However, If you have any of the above cryptos and wants to store them on your ledger, then you should follow this official link where you can find the process about it.

Ledger Applications

ledger apps

Moreover, Ledger has a set of its own applications called Ledger Apps which acts as an interface between the device and your funds.

All these Ledger Apps are open-source, which means you can authenticate the code to verify the security.

Ledger regularly rolls out a better and more secure version of firmware. These applications help you to instantly upgrade the firmware whenever there is an update by the company.

Apart from Cryptocoins, there are n numbers of ERC20 tokens which you can easily store on this hardware device. But this can only be done via MyEtherWallet.

Here is the list of ERC20 token supported by Ledger Nano S.

  • 1ST
  • ANT
  • ARC
  • BAT
  • BCDN
  • BeerCoin
  • BNT
  • CFI
  • CRB
  • CryptoCarbon
  • DAO
  • DAO_extraBalance
  • DGD
  • DGX 1.0
  • DICE
  • EDG
  • EMV
  • GNO
  • GNT
  • GT
  • GUP
  • HKG
  • HMQ
  • ICN
  • JET
  • LUN
  • MCAP
  • MCO
  • MDA
  • MGO
  • MIT
  • MKR
  • MLN
  • MNE
  • MYST
  • NxC
  • PAY
  • QA
  • QRL
  • REP
  • RLC
  • RLT
  • SGT
  • SRC
  • SWT
  • TaaS
  • TIME
  • TKN
  • TRST
  • Unicorn
  • VERI
  • VSL
  • XAUR

Now if you are wondering about how to get started with Etherwallet, let me make things a bit easier for you.

What is MyEtherWallet?

MyEtherWallet is a popular online wallet for storing Ethereum. This wallet natively supports the Ledger Nano S on Chrome and Opera, without the need to install any app or extension.  This wallet can be used as an alternative to the Ledger Ethereum Chrome application.

myetherwallet ledger

In order to use MyEtherWallet (MEW) you need to do a few steps:

  1. Visit MyEtherWallet website
  2. Select the “Send Ether & Tokens” option
  3. Plug your Ledger Nano S device and select “Ethereum app”
  4. Now, Go to settings of the app and activate “Browser support” to enable the connection of the browser and MyEtherWallet .

Note: Remember to disable the Browser support if you are using Ledger Ethereum Chrome extension.

But there are many tokens which are not supported by MyEtherWallet, in that case, you can add a custom token. To add a token you need to enter the information related to the token like Contact address, Token Symbol, and its decimals.

Overall, Ledger Nano is great for those who store crypto like BTC, ETH, XRP etc for long-term. However, If you live in a country where you can not buy altcoins directly then you must use Changelly or Shapeshift to exchange on crypto to other.

Moreover, I will keep this post updated with all cryptocurrencies and tokens that are being added to Ledger Nano S.

Overall, Ledger Nano S is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets, one can use keep the cryto safe and secure.

If you still have any queries, then feel free to comment below and I will be happy to reply back.

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