Satoshi to Bitcoin Converter & Calculator

Presenting you a Simple Satoshi to Bitcoin to Satoshi Converter. Here you can easily convert and know the value of Satoshi in BTC and vice versa.

A Satoshi is very Small amount you might get confused to know the actual value in BTC. Also use our Satoshi to USD/INR/EUR/GBP converter.

To solve that issue, We had made a Satoshi to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Satoshi Converter.

What is a Satoshi?

Satoshi is the smallest unit of the Bitcoin that can be sent to another Bitcoin Address.

In simple words, Satoshi is a Unit for Bitcoin like Cent is for USD.

It is a one hundred millionth of a single Bitcoin i.e. 0.00000001 BTC.

Predefined Values of Bitcoins:

Here are some predefined values of Bitcoin in terms of Satoshi.

  • 1 BTC = 1,000 mBTC (millibitcoin)
  • 1 BTC = 1,000,000 μBTC (microbitcoin)
  • 1 BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshis
  • 1 mBTC = 100,000 Satoshis
  • 1 μBTC = 100 Satoshis

How To Convert Satoshi To Bitcoin?

Converting Satoshi to BTC on paper or just by calculation in mind could be difficult at times, Hence you can use our tool for it.

Steps to convert Bitcoin to Satoshi:

  • Enter the Value of Satoshisatoshi to bitcoin converter
  • You will instantly get the value in Bitcoins

See how simple it was to convert the values from Satoshi to BTC.

How to Convert Bitcoin To Satoshi?

If you have some Bitcoin and want to send a few satoshis to someone, then this tool would surely come to your rescue.

Steps to convert Bitcoin to Satoshi:

  • Enter the Value in Bitcoinbitcoin to satoshi converter
  • You will instantly get the values in Satoshi

This tool is 100% correct and is regularly tested by our team, so there are no chances of error.

What is the need of this converter?

A lot of people earn a few Satoshi through a Bitcoin Faucets or might have received or purchased a few Satoshi. Thus, in that case our Satoshi To BTC will surely be a great help.

So we thought why not help our fellow Bitcoin community by building a tool which allows to simply convert Satoshi To BTC and BTC to Satoshi almost instantly.

We had worked really hard to get this tool created and the outsome has been really appreciated by the users.

I hope this tool was helpful to you. Don’t forget to Tweet it or share on Facebook. Chao!

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