What is Champcoin? Champcoin Live Rate | How To Use TCC

What is Champcoin(TCC Exchange): You must have heard about lot of cryptocurrencies being launched after bitcoin. But recently a new cryptocurrency has been launched in India which is named as TheChampcoin. This coin currency is similar to other alt coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash etc.

So, This post is a full guide on TheChampcoin which is also know as TCC. Here is Whill cover various topics that you must be wondering about like What is Champcoin, How to use Champcoin, Champcoin Live Rate also how to buy and sell champcoins.

I hope that you already know what is Crypto currency or Digital currency. If not, then do not worry I will just give you a brief introduction about it.

Do read this post till the end to know about the Advantage and Disadvantages of Champcoin and think wisely before investing your hard earned money.

What is Champcoin?

Champcoin(TCC) is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. Champcoin was launched in January 2017 and is a decentralized currency which you can use to buy or sell various products. Unlike Bitcoin which are mined at the time of transactions, Champcoins are pre-mined.

It is a person to person money transfer system which does not have any government rule on it. These transfer of money takes place through encryption techniques which makes it very safe. These encryption techniques are used by miners who solve the transfer algorithms. This topic of mining is quite huge, so we will read about in another post.

Moreover, You must have heard about Bitcoin. It is the first crypto currency that came into the existence and was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was first started in 2009 at a price of Rs.0.20 per Bitcoin but currently one bitcoin is worth Rs.82000.

Now you must be thinking that how this huge increase in the price of bitcoin. The number of bitcoins to be generated are predefined, hence the price of the bitcoin keeps on increasing with the demand. This is a simple demand and supply law, where the supply is limited and with increase in demand the price keeps on going up. Know Everything about Bitcoins Here.

So, Champcoin is just like bitcoin. The starting price of Champcoin was Rs.0.35/champcoin (Feb 2017) but currently (25 April) each champcoin live rate is Rs.22.78. As you can see the price of champcoin is increasing, this is because people has started using Champcoin and hence the price increased. The total number of champ coin that will be produced in the whole life are 500 million.

Also, Champcoin is another venture of the famous company Champcash App.

How To Use Champcoin?

I hope by now you must have understood what actually Champcoin is. Now we shall understand how to use Champcoin. First of all, let me tell you that Champcoin (TCC Exchange) is only app based. so, Lets get started.

  • Firstly, Download TheChampcoin App(TCC)
  • Open TheChampcoin App and SignUp as a New User
  • If you are an existing user of Champcash App just signin using Refer Id & Password
  • Enter your 6 Digit Pin Code
  • Now, Answer your Security Questions.
  • You will now see your TCC Exchange Wallet Address.
  • Your TCC Wallet Address will be a 34 digits Code like (f6a45ghqcbal61lfvqpvl3qpncd3hd17b)

#WiseAdvice: Now, just for safety reason note down you 6 Digit Password and TCC Wallet Address in a safe place because of you loose you password you can never get back your Champcoins.

Champcoin Live Rate

1 Champcoin = Rs. 22.5

tcc exchange

P.S. I will keep this Champcoin Live rate update regularly.

How To Buy ChampCoin (TCC) in India?

Their is a lot of confusion on how you can buy Champcoin Biz in India. So here I will tell you all the possible ways through which you can easily buy Champ Coins and use them.

Redeem(Buy) ChampCoin(TCC) using Champcash App

Most of the users must be using Champcash App to earn money online. A good thing is that you can earn Champ coins by transferring your Champcash Money into Champcoin biz.

Follow the Below steps to Convert Champcash Money into Champcoin: 

  • Once you have Chamcoin App and Champcash App in your phone.
  • Now Open your Champcash Wallet and Click on Redeem
  • Just, Click on Redeem As Champcoin
  • Now, Enter your TCC Wallet Address (34 Digit Address from Champcoin App)
  • Enter the Amount and Click on “SUBMIT”
  • Once redeemed, You will receive your Champcoin in your Champcoin Biz Wallet within 20 Days.

I hope that you can now easily redeem your Money in the form of Champ Coin Biz. Don’t hesitate comment below if you have any question about this.

How To Buy ChampCoin using Paytm/NEFT/IMPS?

This is the most easiest way to buy Champ coin in India. You can easily buy Champcoin using Paytm/NEFT/IMPS. Just follow the below given steps and you will receive Champcoin soon.

  1. Firstly, You need to have ChampCoin App
  2. After Signup, you will get a Champcoin Address.
  3. Just Paytm the Required Amount on 7827034256.
  4. You can also send Bitcoins at 3EMUqhyY3hrNP1ne5Sj1SKVxEDq8SSqnHK
  5. After send the Payment/Bitcoin, Just send a Screenshot, Your TCC Address on 7827034256 and We will send you TheChampCoin within just 12 hour of the Payment.

How To Buy Champcoin using Bitcoins?

This is the most difficult way to buy ChampCoin in India. But I will tell you each and every point with full detail. So lets get started.

  1. Create Zebpay Account and Add Money
  2. Create C-Cex Exchange Account
  3. Transfer Bitcoins from Zebpay to C-Cex Exchange
  4. Buy Champcoins from C-Cex Exhange using Bitcoin

Create Account on Zebpay and Add Money:

  • First of all Install Zebpay App.
  • Signup and Do the KYC Verification (It will take 1 day to verify)
  • Once your Zebpay is Verified, Just Click on + icon and then Buy/Sell Bitcoinsbuy bitcoins zebpay
  • Now Click on DepositDeposit in Zebpay
  • You will now see Zebpay Axis Bank Account Number
  • Just Pay the Amount through NEFT/IMPS/Net Banking
  • Once the payment is done successfully, Open Zebpay app and Click on Buy/Sell
  • Click on “Payment Reference” and enter your Reference Number/ UTR Number.
  • You will receive your Bitocins within 1-2 hours.

So, First steps is completed, lets move to the next step now.

Create C-Cex Exchange Account:

Once you have got the Bitcoins in your Zebpay account or any other Bitcoin account. Just follow the below steps:

  • Visit C-Cex Exchange
  • Signup on C-Cex and Login to your Account
  • Now click on Generate Address
  • After that, Again click on “Generate New Address”
  • Just Save this address as it is your C-Cex Exchange Address
  • This address will be needed whenever you have to send bitcoins to your C-CEX account.

Transfer Zebpay Bitcoins to C-Cex to Buy Champcoin

This is third and final step to buy Champcoin using bitcoins:

  • Open your Zebpay App and click on + Icon >> Send/ReceiveSend Bitcoins Zebpay
  • Tap on “B” on the bottom rightSend Bitcoins Zebpay to address
  • Now Enter your Name
  • Paste the C-Cex Exchange Address that you got in the previous stepZebpay to C-Cex
  • Now, Just Click on “Tick Button
  • That’s it! Your bitcoins are not sent to your C-Cex Exchange account
  • Now you can login to you C-Cex Account and But Bitcoins from there.

I Hope you understood the process. If not, then just ask your question in the comment box below.

How To Redeem ChampCoin To INR (Indian Currency)

We all like to see our money in Bank account, similarly alot of you must want to redeem Champcoins into Indian Currency. But transferring your TCC into INR is not a very easy job.

  • Once you have some Champ Coins in your TCC Wallet
  • You need to first send your TCC to your Zebpay Account.
  • From their you can withdraw your bitcoin in form of real money.
  • I will update the full information about redeeming Champ Coin Biz to Indian currency, as ChampCoin is working on directly redeeming money into Bank Account.

Advantages of ChampCoin Biz:

  • The Price of Champ Coin might increase

Disadvantage of using ChampCoin:

According to me their are more disadvantages then advantages of using Champcoin, here why:

  • The price of Champcoin might soon go down because their are about 500 million Champcoins.
  • Their is no direct way to buy champcoins in the market
  • TCC is itself producing coins as well as selling them which can create a lot of issue because no one else is mining it.
  • This is a really new currency and only few people are working on its development.
  • TCC is only promoting themselves by giving the example of “Bitcoin price rise” which is compelling people to buy the Champcoin.

ChampCoin Review

Although champcoin is good good as of now but their is not much information by the company about its development. I would suggest not to invest much in this digital currency as their are huge changes of loosing your money.

I hope till now most of the questions about Champcoin like What is Champcoin, Champcoin Live Rate, How to Buy Champ Coin, How to Use Champcoin Biz etc would have been solved. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions about Crypto Currencies.

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